Cadastral information refers to property interests. Cadastral data represent the geographic extent of the past, current, and future rights and interests in real property. The spatial information necessary to describe the geographic extent and the rights and interests includes surveys, legal description reference systems, and parcel-by-parcel surveys and descriptions.

Features Include: Cadastral reference systems, such as the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) and similar systems for areas not covered by the PLSS (for example, the Donation Land Claims), and publicly administered parcels, such as military reservations, national forests, and state parks; Features include the survey corner, survey boundary, and parcel. Each instance of a feature has the attributes of name (or other common identifier) and information about data quality. Each instance also should have a permanent feature identification code; and for the PLSS, the minimum content is the boundaries of sections, including deflection points and the positions for quarter corners along section boundaries. Boundaries that have been surveyed are the preferred content for cadastral reference systems.

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